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At Bellugo Poker we value regular poker players; therefore we've created 3 special reward programs for you.





Bellugo’s VIP Reward Program rewards you with BellugoPlayerPoints (BPP) for playing real money games at the tables. These can be exchanged for great prizes – start playing today and earn your BPP.

How do I earn BPP?

Contributing to real money raked hands earn BPPs.

Raked Hands:

For every 10 cents that you contribute to the rake, you’ll earn 1 BPP. Please note however, when you are calculating how many BPPs you’ve earned, the maximum rake paid on ANY table is capped at $3.


If 5 people are playing at a table and each person contributes to the pot evenly and the total pot is $50, then each player would have contributed $10 to the pot. Rake is then calculated at 5% of this so each person would have put 50 cents into the rake. You earn 1 BPP per 10 cents from the rake. Therefore, your contribution of 50 cents into the rake would earn you 5 BPP.

Tournament Play:

For every $1 you pay in tournament fees you will earn 10 BPP. Tournament BPP is calculated in $1 increments (rounded down). To earn BPP from tournaments the fee must equal or exceed $1.


If you buy into a $10+$1 Sit-N-Go tournament, once play commences you will earn 10 BPP. Re-Buys can also earn you BPP, so each re-buy into a $10+$1 tourney will earn you an additional 10 BPP.

How do I keep track of my BellugoPlayerPoints?

You can find out your current BPP totals from the right side of the lobby once logged in. Details on your BPP earnings can be found by going to the Reports page from within the poker client and by clicking on the “BPP Transaction Report”.

During your first 24 hours of play, your BellugoPlayerPoints are awarded but not displayed. After your first 24 hours, they are awarded and displayed immediately upon leaving the table.

What can BPP be used towards?

BPP can be used towards many prizes. A list of these prizes is available on the BPP Prizes page from within the client.

How do I redeem my BPP?

You can exchange your BPP for instant cash at any time. Just follow these steps:

   -  Launch Software and Login
   -  Find “Lobby” in the upper left corner of your client
   - Click “Lobby” and click “Claim BPP…”
    - Select the amount of BPP you want to convert and your money will be instantly credited.

BPP Terms and Conditions:

Bellugo reserves the right to change the rules for the BellugoPlayerPoints (BPP) program at any time and without notice.

The Bellugo Player Points (BPP) program is designed to reward loyal customers. Bellugo reserves the right to withhold or deduct the Bellugo Player Points (BPP) from any player found to be abusing the program in any way. Bellugo Player Points (BPP) are not transferable between player accounts.



Do you play predominantly MTTs and SNGs? Then Bellugos’s vip program for MTT players (BellugoBack)is the best option for you.  This is a unique cashback program created for tournament players.

How is working?

If you finish within an additional 12% of the field during the bubble (BellugoZone), we will put cash into your account and help hedge the effects of negative variance. For every 10 tournaments that you finish within the bubble (BellugoZone) you will receive 50% of your average Buy In back.

For Example:

If you enter twenty $50+5 tournaments and finish 10 times in the bubble (BellugoZone) you would receive $25 credited to your account.

If you finish within the BellugoZone 10 times while playing in different buy in tournaments such as 5 x $10+1, 3 x $20+2 and 2 X $30+3 the sum of your total buy ins be calculated and 50% of the average buy in will be credited to your account.

In the above example the calculation for BellugoBack would be $170 / 10 = $17. Your BellugoBack of 50% of the average buy in would be $8.50

What is The BellugoZone?

The BellugoZone is the finishing places in a tournament before cashing or the bubble. The size of the BellugoZone is 12% of the entire field. For example, a tournament has 100 entrants and pays places 1-20, the BellugoZone would be places 21-32.

How Is BellugoBack Paid?

BellugoBack is paid into player accounts every Tuesday and based on 10 BellugoZone occurrences. If a player busts 15 times in the BellugoZone, then the first 10 tournaments will be considered and the 5 extra will be rolled into the next BellugoBack schedule. If a player busts 22 times in the BellugoZone within the week, then the first 20 tournaments will be considered and the 2 extra will be added to the next BellugoBack Schedule.
BellugoBack Opt In

Players must opt into BellugoBack. If you decide to cancel BellugoBack, changes to your VIP player program will start on the 1st day of the next calendar month. A player can opt back into BellugoBack, however it will start on the 1st day of the next calendar month.
BellugoBack Extra Incentive

The tournament player is also automatically given 10% cashback on fees. For example, if you play ten $10+1 tournaments, the fees would be $10 and you would be given 10% cashback in your account. This 10% incentive is for SNGs, Tournaments and Cash Games.


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